In ​​2005  I joined a party band called the Tuesdays which eventually became the

Fricks. (Short for Freaks and Hicks) We recorded an unreleased CD in 2010 called

Tubing in Texas. Shortly after that the band ended amicably.  


In 2012 I found myself retired from working for the man, my children were grown and I was still itching to play and perform music.

I decided to embark on  solo career. Just me, my guitar and my songs. 

I began by attending open mics around and in Austin. I wound up hosting an open mic in N/W Austin - Cedar Park area for 2 years. By doing so I met and played with many fine musicians, some of which have become good friends. 

In 2014 I recorded my first ever solo CD called North of the River. I released it in March of 2015.  You can find it online at CD Baby, Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. 

Currently I am playing solo gigs and being an on call bass player when needed for live performances and studio work.

I also play with local bands Cancion, the Kaye Pasa Trio and David True and the Truebadors.

Hope you like the music. Peace

About     -   Paul  Teneyuque

More About 

Musician - Songwriter - Singer

I'm from Lubbock Texas and started playing guitar when I was 13 years old. I started writing songs pretty soon afterwards. I had already been writing poetry and figured it would be easier to get my words out in a song than in a book. (I was young, what did I know!)  

When I was 17 I recruited my brother Jay and his friend Junior Vasquez to form a trio called Instant T. We covered America, Beatles, Cat Stevens, Los Unicos, Los Angeles Negros (The Black Angels) and performed our own songs in English and Spanish. This nucleus went on to become Peyote which became very popular in West Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. Our contemporaries and friends were 

Joe Ely, The Maines Brothers, Celebration, Ace Pancakes and many more. This lasted for a few years but alas the ride ended in the late 1970's. 

I played bass as a studio musician for a few years and wandered in and out of  few bands before forming Pieces with my brother David in the early 80's. This band played a lotta shows and attracted some major attention before breaking up. 

By 1986 I was not playing publicly. I had gotten married and moved to Austin. The next 10 years would pass raising 2 kids, buying a house, working for the man......

you know the drill. But I was still writing songs.

In 1996 my brothers Jay and David had moved to Austin and we began picking and singing again. We all had day jobs and families but we formed a band called stonepillow. We recorded and released one CD in 2000 called Where Does The Love Go . Then we went from a full band to a trio before calling it quits in 2001.